Struggling with prolonged stress? These are the 4 types of stress and it’s relief techniques



Stress is one of the most common issues amongst us right now. Most people feel stressed due to several reasons like work pressure, unhealthy lifestyle, daily tough schedules, excess tension, deadlines, etc.

And stress is not only bad for our psychological well-being, but it also has negative impact on our physical health.

Headache, muscle pain, tiredness, fatigue, sleeplessness, sleep problems, etc. can be caused by excess stress. But there isn’t one type of stress, it has its variations.

So, we have to use different techniques to relieve different types of stress. Below are 4 types of stress and its remedies:

1. Acute stress

Acute stress happens momentarily. It occurs quickly and doesn’t last for a long time. But when it takes place, it requires a reaction from you and shakes you up a bit like a short argument with someone.

Relief technique- Breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and a short mediation can help you to ease the stressful situation. Also, try to change the way of looking at the problem.

2. Chronic stress

This type of stress occurs on a daily basis and leaves you completely exhausted and drained if not treated properly. And our body can’t go back to the normal state before having the second wave of stress.

Relief technique- This kind of stress needs a very healthy lifestyle regularly to be tackled. So, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, meditate daily, listen to music and try to establish supportive relationships.

3. Emotional stress

This type of stress has the most powerful impact on us than any other types of stress. This is mainly caused by conflicted relationships which can damage our health and can give a strong sense of distress.

Relief technique- So, you have to work a bit more to process this emotional stress. Write a journal about your feelings and reasons. Talk to a friend with whom you can share your feelings. Practice mindfulness like what do you want from the relationship and how to boost your self-esteem. You can also talk to a therapist.

4. Battling burnout

Burnout is caused by prolonged chronic stress. This condition occurs due to high levels of demands, unclear expectations, lack of recognition of achievements, etc. This kind of stress has the risk of many negative consequences.

Relief technique- Take some time off from your job and daily life and go on a vacation. Indulge in some hobbies, hang out with friends on weekends, seek more opportunities to have fun in your life.

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