Tired of being alone? Here’s how to make new friends as an adult



It was really easy to make friends during our school days. But now, since we are adults, things have changed.

The style of making friends is now different than the old days. You are now older, so you have to meet and deal with people maturely.

After becoming an adult, we often lose contact with our old friends due to job change, marriage, having kids and moving to a new city etc. So, how do you make friends as an adult?

Below are 6 tips to make new friends as an adult:

1. Never be judgemental with what the new people are saying. Accept it frankly and be friendly. 

2. If you have changed your job or moved to a new city, then make a list of potential people who can be your friends. Think about your office colleagues or neighbourhood and jot down the names. 

3. If you are planning to ask the person to join you for a hangout after office, then have enough time for that. Mark that day on the calendar and ask them before a few days of the hangout. And never attend the hangout with some other responsibilities. Choose the day where you are absolutely free.

4. Attending some events, occasions, birthday parties are a great opportunity to make friends. So, accept the invites and make time out of your busy schedule to attend the function. Socialising is the best way to make friends.

5. Don’t always try the traditional ways of making friends. Try new things like joining an art or music or dance class, attending workshops and events, participating in competitions.

6. Use your social media profiles to stay connected with friends. You can also use it to organise a get-together to see how many people would be interested to join it.

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