5 secrets to attracting the man of your dreams



Every woman wants the perfect man. But the problem is that the perfect man is very difficult to find. And if you happen to have found the right man, your next problem is getting his attention and attracting him to you.

These secrets are not merely for catching a man’s attention or even seducing him, they will work in a way that gets him to constantly think about you, seeing you in a different way from how he normally views women.

And making him see you as special and unique. In other words, his kind of woman! Here is 5 secrets to attracting the man of your dreams:

1. Know what you want

You’d better know what you want or you just might get a slew of those you don’t want. Being confident in your needs and wants is of the utmost importance.

You need to have him down to a science, know every single little detail, know his chemical makeup and formula, basically, you’d better be sure you know the type of man you want. Don’t be timid on this one.

Set out a solid, strong intention. Write down a list of things you want and even the things you don’t want in a man.

2. Get rid of baggage

Thinking you can move right along and not deal with some things from the past will get you in a hot mess faster than you think.

How do you plan to carry around all that baggage with you into the next relationship? And aren’t you looking for the man of your dreams? Girl, he does not want all that mess.

So you’d better clean up your table, clean out your closet, and reorganise your suitcase because your dream man doesn’t want to deal with all of that.

3. Exorcise your ghosts

Baggage is one thing, but ex-boyfriends are another. If you maintain some semblance of contact with them, you might want to cut that cord.

Many of you keep in touch with an ex because you have co-dependency issues, others want a fall back option, while others love the attention; all these reasons are the wrong reasons to have an ex in your life.

If he is not a genuine friend, someone you can count on, then there’s really no reason to keep him around. Plus, having an ex around can make even the securest of people feel at least a little awkward.

4. Focus on you

Nothing feels better than doing things for yourself. Whether it means taking a course, learning new skills, or basic self-care, working on ourselves is the key to happiness. We want to increase our levels of feel-good vibes that come from us, not from another place.

We want to be the providers of our own happiness. And in doing so, we increase our positive energy. When our energy is positive, we heighten our vibration.

No lie, just like that your dream man will appear. When we work on energy planes that make us feel joyful and satisfied, we begin to radiate outwards. Those waves will attract similar waves, it’s the law of attraction.

5. Dress to make you feel good

You don’t know all of his likes and dislikes, although if he’s the man of your dreams he will be a reflection of you or at least like the things you like. Therefore, there’s no sense in trying to dress for him when you should be dressing for yourself.

Dress in a way that makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Don’t try to be something you’re not. He won’t appear if you’re making wrong moves and decisions about yourself.

Remember the self-confident rule? Well, girl, that applies here. Apply it hard and stick to it. Don’t go changing your style because you think he likes another style.

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