7 important lessons that you can learn from live-in relationships



In today’s scenario, a live-in relationship is no more an alien concept to young couples. Today many couples prefer to stay together under the same roof, before getting married to each other.

Even though some doesn’t approve of live-in relationships, more and more couples are opting for live-in relationships.

They consider it as a wonderful opportunity to explore their relationship, have an intimacy, opt for an affordable lifestyle and save money.

But do you know a live-in relationship can teach you many things? Couples can learn many valuable life-lessons while living together. To know what those lessons are, scroll down this article:

1. Trusting each other is quite important

One cannot deny that trust is an essential factor when it comes to having a long-lasting and healthy relationship. Unless you don’t trust your partner, you won’t be able to enjoy each other’s affinity. Staying together will put you through circumstances where you will be able to develop a stronger level of trust. You will learn to be more honest with each other.

2. Caring for each other is another way of expressing love

If you think the only way to express love is by saying ‘I love you’ and bringing roses and gifts, then wait till you move in together with your partner. This is because then you will know caring is another way of expressing your love for your partner. You will learn that the reason why your partner cares for you is that he/she genuinely loves you.

3. Running home is not a gender-specific role

Gone are the days when people used to consider running home, a gender-specific role. These days both men and women are equally handling the work. It is no more about women’s duty to look after the house and cook food for their men. Living-in with your partner before marriage will surely help you in understanding that in order to run a home, working together is quite essential. You will learn that it is okay to wake up early and give your partner a day off from the kitchen and other work.

4. It is okay to have your personal space

When you are staying together, it is apparent that you will be spending more and more time with each other. There can be times when you may not enjoy your personal space. This lack of personal space can at times make you frustrated and annoyed. You may get frustrated over little things. This is when you will learn that in order to enjoy your relationship and ensure that things are going good, having personal space is quite essential in one’s relationship. This is because it allows you to rejuvenate yourself and feel better.

5. Everyone has some strengths and weaknesses

Unless you are not spending more and more time with your partner, you may not be able to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. When you start living together then you will learn that nobody is perfect. Everyone has some or the other weaknesses. Accepting each other’s weaknesses and flaws will make your relationship even better. Fussing over your partner’s weaknesses and sulking won’t help you. In fact, it will worsen the situation.

6. Sharing is caring

Sharing the workload with your partner or your favourite sweet-dish shows how much you care for your partner. Even though you aren’t fond of sharing your bedroom or your cookies, when you let your live-in partner have a share in everything, then it shows that your partner is always on your mind and you are always there with him/her. Whether it is a tough situation or a festive occasion, sharing the moments and workload can make your live-in relationship a thing to be cherished forever.

7. Too many expectations can spoil the relationship

Just because you are living together with your partner, doesn’t mean that he/she can’t read your mind or will be able to fulfill each and every expectation. If you are always expecting your partner to read your mind, then it can create various problems in your relationship. Expecting too many things from your partner such as why doesn’t he/she behave like other people, can spoil everything. As a result, you may consider living together with a bad decision. Instead of building a long list of expectations, you can work together to make things better.

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