Woman and two-year-old girl found in a pool of blood in Durban


Paramedics found a woman and a child in a pool in Mount Royal, KZN, on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a woman and a two-year old child were discovered in a pool of blood in the Mount Royal area, North of Durban.

Private security company KZN VIP got to the scene to discover the woman had sustained injuries, while the child sustained a serious injury.

This morning at about 10.58am, KZN VIP control centre received multiple calls from members of the public requesting assistance. They needed medical assistance. KZN VIP was dispatched together with VIP Response and police,” said KZN VIP’s Glen Naidoo.

Upon arrival, medics found two severely injured victims in a pool of blood. The first victim was a female with multiple deep lacerations to both hands and to her head.”

The two-year old child sustained several large, deep lacerations to her head.

Paramedics from Emergency Medical Rescue Services and VIP Medical stabilised the child and took her to hospital for further medical care,” said Naidoo.

Neighbours said it was the screams heard that drew the attention of the community, before witnessing the attacker who took to his heels.

The police will investigate further. The suspect is still at large and a manhunt is under way,” added Naidoo.

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