Man arrested for shooting dog three times in Johannesburg



76844391 – cinematic photo of staffordshire bull terrier with low contrast. vintage pitbull head close up photo with shallow depth of field.

Authorities have arrested a 68-year-old Johannesburg man for allegedly shooting a neighbour’s pit bull three times.

According to SPCA, the two dogs were fighting before the shooting happened.

The man heard the dogs barking and fighting in a common area outside his property.

He allegedly fired shots at the female pit bull.

SPCA inspector Shiven Bodasing said: “As officers we are vested with a certain discretion, and are empowered to investigate offences in respect of animals.”

“In respect of this incident, it was clear that there existed far less severe methods the suspect could have employed to achieve the same result,” said Bodasing.

According to SPCA, cruelty against animals is considered an offence and anyone convicted of victimizing animals is liable to a fine of R40,000 or direct imprisonment without the option of a fine.

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