KwaSizabantu lawyer wants CRL Rights Commission chairperson to recuse himself on Church matter



On Wednesday, the KwaSizabantu Mission representatives called on the CRL Rights Commission chairperson to not preside over the court hearings into allegations of abuse within the church.

This comes after the media interviewed David Masoma’s on Tuesday night.

Masoma was of the opinion that religion was being abused at KwaSizabantu.

However, Lawyer Keith Matthee slammed Masoma’s words.

He said Masoma pre-judged the mission without hearing its side first.

“You have fundamentally compromised yourself and this whole process.”

“And you know that there is correspondence between us and this commission over the last three [or] four days where we pointed out that just in your letters you pre-judged.”

“This interview is conclusive proof that you set a judge without hearing us,” he said.

Wednesday is the third and final day for the CRL Rights commission to hear the abuse allegations which was carried out within the church.

These allegations include rape and beatings.

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