New K9 unit launched in Moorreesburg by the Department of Community Safety


The Department of Community safety has started the West Coast District K9 unit in Moorreesburg.

The Department has been able to provide funds to the Swartberg Municipality that made it establish the unit, which is made up of six dogs and handlers at the Moorreesburg Weigh Station along the N7.

Premier Alan Winde provided the statement in the COVID-19 update.

Two of the dogs are trained to detect explosives, ammunition and firearms, and four are able to detect drugs and narcotics, which will help law enforcement officers police crime and the trade and transportation of narcotics in that region,” said Winde.

Similar K9 units will also be launched soon in the City of Cape Town and in the Overberg District Municipality.”

Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz added:

We know that the N7, and many of its coastal towns, are particularly affected by trade and transportation of illicit substances as it is a national road leading to the South African border. This unit will go a long way in assisting law enforcement officials to track down and convict perpetrators and improve the safety of residents in the West Coast.”

Fritz continued:

I am fascinated by the training provided to the K9 unit, which enables them to respond to the specific crime trends affecting the West Coast which include the trafficking of illicit substances.”

The Department of Community Safety has provided funding to the Swartland Municipality to facilitate the establishment of the Unit, supporting the district municipality’s safety plans. A further two official K9 launches will take place together with the City of Cape Town and Overberg district municipality,” Fritz said.

We are committed to the success of this programme. As such, the Department has availed R4 million towards this programme in the 2019/20 financial year, has earmarked R2 million in 2020/21 and R2.2 million in 2021/22.”