5 foods that can cause memory loss



Much like physical activities, even food is vital for good health and well-being. Even our brain needs nutrients to stay sharp and active.

However, bad eating habits can affect your brain adversely as well. Consumption of some foods can cause Alzheimer.

By tweaking your daily diet regime a bit and by avoiding a few unhealthy foods, you can reduce the risk of having memory loss. Here’s a list of foods that can cause memory loss:

1. Tuna

Tuna is loaded with proteins and is quite beneficial for the overall health, only if it is consumed in a moderate quantity. One should have it twice a week or post workout. Excessive intake of tuna can cause a decline in the working of brain as it contains high levels of mercury. Mercury can cause dysfunction of brain. Substituting tuna with salmon will cause no harm and will boost your memory, instead.

2. Soy

Soy in any form, be it tofu or soy sauce can cause you more harm than benefit. It contains a high ratio of salt and sodium which is quite harmful for the brain. It can even lead to hypertension which restricts blood flow to the brain and causes memory loss or problems in organizational skills.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can have a long-term effect on your brain. Even moderate drinking can weaken your brain cells and cause you memory loss. Here’s another reason for you to avoid alcohol consumption and another step forward towards a healthy living.

4. Orange juice

Orange juice is concentrated with high sugar which is not healthy because of multiple reasons. A lot of sugar can cause a cognitive dysfunction, which can make you take bad decisions or decline your reasoning skills or ability to work in an organized manner.

5. White rice

White rice can cause problems in your mental functioning as it is quite high on carbs. It may also increase the risk of having depression. You can switch to wheat products which are better for your health as well as tasty.

Improve your cognitive abilities and lower the risk of having depression or Alzheimer’s by avoiding these foods.

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