7 ways negative thinking will ruin your life



Now, we all know life is not a bed of roses, but is it right to look at the thorns when you do finally have a rose with you? Pessimists will always jump up and say “We prepare ourselves for the worst” or “We know about our bad luck.”

Being cynical about the best things you have in life is also what pessimists do. But people who can embrace the fortune in front of them are happier in general.

Here are ways negative thinking is indeed ruining your life, if you don’t think this article is also negative about your opinions, please reflect on them:

1. It makes you sluggish

When you are already pretty sure that you are going to fail in a task or that you will find it boring, you won’t be able to get the energy to finish it in the first place. Am I right? For example, How will you get the kind of motivation to lose your weight if you are ensured about that fact that you won’t be able to lose it? You won’t even be able to put in best of your efforts for the same reason.

2. You become bitter

If you are a negative person, you will feel that many times you don’t even realize why you are feeling bitter and thus, you become angry over things which wouldn’t have bothered you in the first place. Thus, the next time when something bothers you, take a pause and figure out the reason for it. If you don’t find any reason, think of good thoughts, like you being invisible and having the ability to fly.

3. Disappointment in life

I am pretty sure that most pessimistic do not live a healthy life, after all, why should they? It isn’t like they are not going to catch any deadly disease that way, am I right? This is how they think before trying on a healthy routine. But, it is rather important for them to remain fit as negative thoughts harm your heart and could lead to several physical health ailments. But pessimism makes them so disappointed in life; they don’t even feel like trying to get themselves back up and working out.

4. People are pushed away

It is not tough to identify a pessimist in a crowd. They would simply be the ones rolling their eyes at everything. Ever wondered why no one stays in your life long enough? Well, your negativity might be the only reason, there are vibes we get from the people we meet, and many times, a negative person can spread out the negativity by the way they look or talk, and it could get people away from you. Your friends could also get affected negatively, and in the long run, they may realise it’s because of you.

5. You are overly suspicious

Before getting yourself involved in a friendship or relationship, you might be overly suspicious about the person already, about their intentions not being good. It is possible that you do not even trust anyone to get attached with. So how are you going to have friends? “I don’t need friends.” Is what you might be thinking next, but when worse comes to worst; it’s these friends you want to hold onto. This will lead to nothing, but you are lonely in the end.

6. Blaming others for everything

To limit your negative thoughts about yourself, you will find peace in blaming others for it. No doubt, you will already be in guilt, but along with it, you will complain to those people who were in some or the other way around you when you did something wrong. Don’t let this ruin your life, instead, take control and understand things which you can do differently. Don’t expect others to be apologetic for things you did.

7. You become hopeless

In the long run, your dreams will crash, and you won’t have any hope left in you. You won’t be able to seize opportunities as you will be busy complaining about other small things in life. It’s like meeting a beautiful girl but leaving her as her feet were too big. Pursue your dreams and focus on conquering the obstacles instead of giving up hope on yourself.

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