Atlantis residents in fear as gang violence constantly increase



15939026 – 9mm gun resting on table

Atlantis residents are worried about the constant increase in criminal activities prompted by gang violence.

A man accused for the murder of a 14-year-old boy in the area is expected to appear in the Atlantis Magistrates Court this week.

The victim, Jayden Theunissen was shot dead while walking to a tuck shop last week.

He succumbed to the bullet wound which he sustained at his back.

On Monday, Manfred Van Rooyen, affiliated with a community organisation called Voice of Atlantis, said residents were constantly living in fear as rival gang shootings suddenly occurs both day and night.

“Our community lives in fear. Every day we live in fear. What we are finding is that kids as young as 12 year’s old are involved in some way or the other with gangsters.”

“What’s even scarier is that teenagers have guns and they’re killing and shooting other gangsters.”

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