Fire outbreak on Mount Kilimanjaro, says Tanzania National Parks service


Tanzanian authorities are battling a fire on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania National Parks service (Tanapa) said that there was a fire outbreak on Sunday afternoon, on Mount Kilimanjaro and authorities were trying to put off the fire.

A blurry photograph was posted on the parks service Twitter account, of what looked like several pockets of flames burning on Mount Kilimanjaro, with the message:

A fire emerged on Mount Kilimanjaro this afternoon. Efforts in containing it are going on. More details to follow.”

On Sunday evening, Tanapa officials Pascal Shelutete told Reuters through phone that there were no further details on the situation.

Mount Kilimanjaro is nearly 6,000m above sea level and Africa’s highest peak. About 50,000 tourists climb Kilimanjaro year in, year out.

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