Police car vandalized by stones during protest in Durban


A car was stoned during the protest near Reservoir Hills in Durban on Monday.

On Monday, a warning has been sounded into the ears of motorists to stay clear of the M19, which is close to Varsity Drive in Durban, due to the ongoing protest.

Leon Fourie from Life Response mentioned that gunshots were fired around the area of Clare Estate, where the protest was going on.

Apparently, it still remain unclear what the purpose of the protest action is.

Fourie said:

From corner O’Flaherty Road and Quarry Road West to the M19 Interchange, these roads are blocked. A car was stoned. Motorists are urged to use alternative routes.”

Pictures that were posted on social media displayed a police car had been vandalised by stones.

However, police were unavailable for comments as regards the ongoing protest.

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