4 simple remedies to get rid of pimples on the nose



A pimple can occur when oil or dead skin cells start to build up in the pores. While pimples most commonly appear on the face, they can just as easily show up inside the nose.

A pimple inside the nose can be a minor annoyance or a sign of an infection inside the nose.

Understanding the difference and learning how to care for an infected pimple can reduce the likelihood that an infection will spread or worsen.

Here are some remedies to get rid of pimples on the nose:

1. Ice

Ice reduces inflammation and swelling, reducing the size of the pimple making it less visible.

Method: Wrap a few pieces of ice or crushed ice in a clean washcloth and press it against the pimple for about 20 minutes.

2. Toothpaste

Toothpaste dries out the pimple with its antimicrobial and essential oil contents and diminishes it. It is the best known and employed solution for stubborn zits.

Method: Apply generous drops of toothpaste on the pimple and leave it on overnight. Wash off with cold water the next day.

3. Lemon juice

Lemons are acidic and will help to clean and dry a pimple, making it less discernible.

Method: Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on cotton wool and place it on your nose. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse with regular water after the time is up.

4. Tea tree oil

This is a mild yet effective agent for clearing acne. Tea tree oil is a potent antimicrobial agent that has bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal components. It also prevents the formation of scars once the acne has healed.

Method: Apply the oil on the pimple and a little around it. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes and then rinse with water.

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