Rural women march to parliaments, demand basic income grant and land



LandRural women demanding for land and a basic income grant, marched to Parliament on Thursday.

The demonstrators came from different parts of Western Cape.

Some of them were representative of organisations and trade unions.

The march action is being led by the Women on Farms organisation.

They complained that they found it hard to make ends meet during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Women on Farm spokesperson, Carmen Louw said that several farmworkers lost their jobs and were not given relief grants.

“None of them in this gathering of more than 200 received the R350 social relief grant.”

She said the women were calling on the Minister Thoko Didiza for an urgent meeting to discuss the urgent need for land and funds.

Louw added that the women were also demanding that the land reform budget is increased and women is given a percentage in the budget.

“We want to petition for a basic income grant, especially on farmworker women, who don’t have an income throughout the year.”

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