Cele commends police for keeping peace in Senekal



Police Minister Bheki Cele who is present in Senekal was pleased with the law enforcement authorities for containing the tense situation in Senekal as two suspects accused of farm manager’s murder appeared in court on Friday.

Ever since the murder, fears that racial tension could move to violence has being highly circulated.

Meanwhile, there were minor clashes between some protestors earlier today but it was later settled.

Concerns were also raised as lockdown regulations were flouted, as several demonstrators were seen without masks, and social distancing protocols were disregarded.

Cele indicated that the response of the police had been measured.

“They’ve been here for almost three or four days to work on the situation here.”

“I think it has helped that people here, together with the provincial police commissioner, have been instrumental on working on matters using a soft approach.

“We have agreed to use a soft approach unless we are pushed.”

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