Durban man rushed to hospital after falling off from bridge


A man fell 20m from a bridge in the Burlington Heights area in Durban on Friday. He was airlifted to hospital with critical injuries.

On Friday, a man was rushed to a hospital after he fell from a bridge on Piet Retief Road in Durban and suffered serious injuries.

According to Rescue Care paramedics, the incident took place around 11am.

In a statement, Rescue Care said its paramedics worked hand-in-hand with Blue Security on the scene. They were able to find a male, who is around his 20s and he was in a serious condition after he fell off from a 20m tall bridge.

Rescue Care advanced life support paramedics worked to stabilise the man on the scene while the Netcare 911 Aero medical helicopter was activated. Once the man was stabilised he was airlifted to a nearby Durban hospital for the further care that he required.”

How the incident happened still remains unknown.

Police have been reached out to for comment(s)

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