Pants with blood stains found in home of one of Brandin Horner murder accused



It was revealed at the Senekal Magistrates Court that pants with blood stains were found in the house of one of the men accused of killing Brendin Horner.

The two accused- Sekola Matlaletsa and Sekwetje Mahlamba- charged with the murder of the 21-year-old farm manager are applying for bail at the Senekal magistrates court.

Their first appearance in court last week sparked violence and tension in the community.

The court heard how police found two pairs of pants in Mahlamba’s home.

The pants were found with blood on them.

When Mahlamba was questioned about this as he bids for bail, he answered saying that he slaughtered a sheep for a local community member who had an event.

The State indicated that the two pants were found in his freezer but he denied and said he does not own one.

Muddy boots were also presented as evidence against him as the it was found by he police in his house.

He said the boots were used for work.

The State revealed that the community member confirmed that a sheep was slaughtered in her home but she denied that Mahlamba slaughtered it.

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