IFP urges political leaders to put service delivery first



IFP leader Velenkosini Hlabisa is calling on political leaders to place service delivery over the personal interests of the party.

The leader made this known while addressing the party’s Gauteng election workshop in Irene.

Ahead of the next election, the opposition party is hoping to win the hearts of the electorate.

The fourth-largest party, IFP is actively preparing for the next local government elections in 2021.

The election is bound to be fierce.

“The people of this province have protested and waiting for too long for housing and services,” Hlabisa said.

“If we can be voted, we will leave it to them, they must not vote by hearts but use their heart which party will fight corruption and be accountable.”

According to the IFP, 2021 local government election is believed to be unprecedented.

They however indicated that the choice is up to the electorate.

The party admonished them to make sure that they use their vote for serious changes.

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