Gauteng traffic cop shot while trying to pull over driver who skipped traffic red light


A Gauteng traffic cop was shot twice on Friday morning while attempting to pull over a motorist who skipped a red light in Alberton.

On Friday, a Gauteng traffic officer was gunned down in Alberton while he was trying to pull over the driver of a vehicle which passed over when the traffic light was on red.

The Gauteng traffic police department showcased its outrage and concern over the incident and confirmed that an attempted murder file was being probed.

The 30-year old officer from the special patrol unit shot at twice by the motorist, who was driving a red Audi.

The incident took place at Corner Ring road and Voortrekker street when the motorist failed to stop at a red robot and the officer signaled for him to stop. The motorist decided to disobey a lawful instruction by speeding off and shooting the officer in the process,” said Gauteng traffic police spokesperson Sello Maremane.

The officer is currently stable and receiving medical attention in hospital. The Gauteng traffic police has condemned the incident and calls on officers to be cautious when discharging their duties,” he said.

Motorists are supposed to abide by the law set by authorities. It is important that the law must be respected at all times. It is very unfortunate that as we strive to create safer communities, criminals continue to undermine the rule of law and order. The Gauteng traffic police will not be deterred in enforcing the rules of the road and regulations,” he said.

He mentioned that the department has promised to find the perpetrator and will face the charge against him.

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