5 worst snacks for belly fat



Snacks are one of the biggest culprits responsible for making you gain weight.

While that one bite of pastry and a packet of chips might seem harmless, in the long run, these can sabotage your weight loss goals and add thickness to your belly fat.

Here is a list of five worst snacks for belly fat:

1. Potato chips

Potato chips are everyone’s favourite. They are truly addictive and thus it’s nearly impossible to just eat one. Moreover, potato chips are loaded with salt, which makes our body retain water. So, if you are snacking on potato chips often, they might be the reason you are piling on those extra kilos and especially that belly fat.

2. Sugar cereal

The cereal box might seem like an easy go-to breakfast option, but it’s not the most healthy choice. Most cereals are loaded with sugar and are no better than a candy bar. According to a study, people who had oatmeal for breakfast were fuller for longer and felt less hungry than people who had cornflakes for breakfast.

3. Granola bars

Granola bars might seem like the healthiest snack option but most granola bars are dipped in chocolate and loaded with sugar.

4. Fruit juice

Fruit juice might sound like the healthiest beverage, but the reality is that it’s exactly the opposite. Fruit juice is a sugary beverage in disguise. Even unsweetened 100 per cent fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. Though fruit juice does provide you with minerals and vitamins, the fructose in it can drive insulin resistance and increase belly fat.

5. Alcohol

Too much alcohol intake can lead to inflammation, liver disease and other health issues. Studies have shown that alcohol suppresses fat burning and the excess calories are stored as belly fat, hence the term beer belly.

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