“Public transport a priority,” says Ramaphosa


According to a local medical service, the shooting on Wednesday is a taxi-violence related incident.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said one of the priorities for the government is the improvement of public transport.

Ramaphosa said economic activity would be affected whenever public transport is not safe, not reliable, and costly.

The president said this week’s National Taxi Lekgotla will implement how the industry can be formalised and made much safer.

The lekgotla will seek common ground on existing business models, safety and compliance, broader economic empowerment of operators and the issue of subsidies for taxis,” said Ramaphosa, in his weekly newsletter.

It will also look at how to end the conflict and violence that continues to plague the industry because of competition on routes.”

Most importantly, it must emerge with a blueprint for a formalised industry that plays a meaningful role in the mainstream economy and is effectively regulated.”

The taxi industry can and must play an important role in government’s ultimate objective of improving the daily experiences of commuters through the establishment of integrated rapid transport service networks in the metros, cities, towns, and rural districts.”

The government is also planning to modernise and refurbish railways and create an expansion for the road rehabilitation programme.

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