9 popular cities where public transport is free!



Free public transport may not be effective for making transport sustainable on its own, but it can have plenty of other benefits that make it worthwhile.

It can be a progressive social policy, guaranteeing and improving access to public transport for diverse groups that might otherwise struggle to get around.

Listed below are 9 popular cities where public transport is free.

1. Chambly, Canada

The suburb of Chambly, and other municipalities in Montréal’s South Shore, turned into offering free public transport to residents from 2012. If reports are to go by, this service not only helped to reduce congestion on the road network, but also reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This in turn helped to encourage more and more people to travel by public transport.

2. Luxembourg

Although many cities across the world have decided to offer free public transport to residents, Luxembourg started to benefit from this service from February 29, 2020. And reports suggest that environmental concerns played a prominent role in the country’s decision to start and prioritise free public transportation.

3. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn in Estonia started offering public transport for free from 2013, and reports suggest that it has been a great success. Reportedly, this system has motivated thousands of Estonians to register as residents of the city and to avail the said benefit from the system, which in turn helped in generating around 38 million additional euros in local taxes.

4. Avesta, Sweden

The town of Avesta has been using the network of free public transport for eight years now. As per the reports, the said decision to start free public transport service was made primarily to promote a greener way of getting around. And if reports are to go by, since the transport system became free of charge, the bus services have increased by 200 per cent.

5. Dewsbury, UK

People in Dewsbury have been availing free public transport since 2009. They use the FreeTownBus, which is a free bus service that stops at the main shopping areas. Also known by the name FreeCityBus, this service is offered in other towns and cities in West Yorkshire County.

6. Perth, Australia

This destination also offers free transport service to its people. However, free bus service in the city of Perth is available within a certain zone. As such, those willing to benefit from the said service, are required to commence or end their journey within that specific zone, or else, they will be required to pay for their journey.

7. Clemson, USA

In South Carolina, the cities of Clemson, Clemson University, Pendleton, Central, and Seneca, as well as the federal government and South Carolina Department of Transport have come together to fund the Clemson Area Transit, which is a free bus service and is more commonly known as the CAT Bus. Reportedly, the service was started in 1996, which runs over eight routes.

8. Samokov, Bulgaria

The said service for free public transport was initially rolled out in 2006 for the eldery and students. As per the reports, the service was then extended in 2008 to cover all public transport users in the town of Samokov. And if reports are to be believed, the Samokov town covers all the operating costs of the transport service.

9. Mariehamn, Finland

It’s the capital of Åland, which is an autonomous island that belongs to the republic of Finland. As per the reports, the Mariehamn municipality offers free public transport to visitors and residents. The service is managed by the company Röde Orm, which was set up in 2000.

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