6 tips to make your Smoothies healthier and tastier



Smoothies are a great way to satisfy your sudden hunger pangs without taking unhealthy calories. A smoothie, if prepared in the right way is helpful for weight loss as well.

You can get all the goodness of fruits and veggies through it that will provide you with all the important nutrients.

But having a healthy smoothie doesn’t mean there won’t be any taste. You can make your healthy smoothie better and tastier with some simple tricks. So, from next time, try them to have a tasty smoothie.

How to make your smoothie better and tastier? Here are some tips below:

1. Leafy greens

To make your smoothie tastier, first blend all your leafy greens together and make a liquid base and then add other ingredients to it. This is the first step you need to do while preparing your smoothie.

2. Blender

Make sure, you have the right blender to make a perfect smoothie. It has to blend all ingredients together otherwise you cannot get the exact taste of it. So, get the right blender and all other equipment for your smoothie.

3. Veggies

People often avoid putting veggies in their smoothies, but that’s what makes your smoothie healthier and tastier as well. So, always put some kinds of veggies or greens like spinach or kale to make it filling.

4. Frozen fruits

You might get surprised to know that it is better to add frozen fruits in your smoothie rather than fresh ones. Be it banana, avocado, berries or any other fruits, try to give them frozen. They make the smoothies thicker.


5. Balance your smoothies

You should not put too many fruits in your smoothies as they are also rich in sugar and carbs along with vitamins, minerals and fibre. So, you have to balance your drink with the right proportions of every ingredient. Balance the carbs in your smoothie by adding nut butter and chia seeds to the smoothies as they have protein and healthy fats. You can also add yoghurt or protein powder to have a strict source of protein.

6. Do add avocado

Avocados are packed with all important nutrients and vitamins, so it is a must-have ingredient for your smoothies to make them healthier and tastier. Do add avocado to all your smoothie recipes as they are also a good source of fibre.

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