5 smoothies that can make you gain weight



Are you looking to gain weight? There are severally reasons why you suddenly find yourself in the situation.

You might be looking towards building up more muscle or you significantly lost weight due to a health condition or having a significantly decreased appetite.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re thinking of gaining weight, it has to be done the healthy way.

This is not all about eating as much as you can all the time as this could lead to dire consequences. There is a healthy way to gain weight and that can be done through smoothies.

This involves consuming high-calorie smoothies packed with healthy ingredients that will be substantial enough to be a meal replacement and help you gain weight the right way.

Here are five smoothies that help you gain weight the right way;

This is one combination that is high in healthy calories. It involves two bananas, four tablespoons of peanut butter, some chocolate protein powder and two cups of full-fat milk. You could also add strawberries to this smoothie if you want.

For this smoothie, you’ll need a cup of strawberries, avocado (half of it), three tablespoons of hemp seeds, vanilla protein powder and two cups of full-fat coconut milk all blended to give you that cup of healthy smoothie perfect for weight gain.

Blueberry avocado smoothie is another perfect weight gain smoothie that has a smooth delicious texture. Ingredients for this include a cup of frozen blueberries, half avocado, vanilla whey protein powder and whole milk.

The almond buttercream smoothie contains no animal products and is perfect for vegetarians. Ingredients for this includes, avocado, banana, quick oats, maca root, peanut butter, chocolate powder, protein-fortified almond milk all blended until it is smooth.

For this weight gain smoothie, you will need two sliced bananas and two cups of almond milk. Also add 1 tsp of nutmeg, 1 tsp of cinnamon, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 tsp of maple syrup all blended to become smooth.

Which of these are you trying first?

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