South Africans urged to use water sparingly amid rising temperature



The Department of Water and Sanitation department has again called on residents to reduce water usage.

The call is prompted by the rising temperature which makes people use water more.

The main storage dams of the Western Cape water supply system are currently at a combined 99%.

The largest dam in the province, Theewaterskloof Dam is currently over 100% capacity.

The department’s Sputnik Ratau:

“As the winter rainfall season has come and gone for the western part of the Western Cape, we have begun to see a tapering off of rain as well as the balancing out of dam levels in that part of the Western Cape, that is why week-on-week we have seen the dam levels in the Western Cape water supply system start to stabilise.”

However, Ratau expressed concern about the water situation in the eastern parts of the province, the Central and Little Karoo,

He said these regions have not had adequate rains for the last four rainy seasons.

“While all of this is happening, we want to implore the water users to continue their water demand management and water-saving efforts because we cannot be complacent, we cannot take it for granted that we will be able to get through the hot summer months.”

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