Watch: Maraza shares what really happened that led to the accidental suicide tweet




Maraza took to his Twitter few minutes a go to share a video of himself demonstrating how she mistakenly cut his hand.

This is coming after the star tweeted yesterday that he almost committed accidental suicide.

Maraza got everyone frightened over him yesterday as they took to the comment section to ask how he is feeling.

According to the video he shared, the star stated that he was working on his DIY project and he was trying to scrap something off with a thing that looks like a blade but he accidentally placed it on his arm which gave him a slight cut.

Maraza said he caused it all by himself as he was too careless and stupid.

The multi-talented SA music producer urges fans not to be worried because he is fine now as it is a tiny injury but can be deadly.

Maraza said: “Guys, PLEASE DON’T be worried. It’s a tiny injury that can be deadly, and I caused it on myself because I was being careless and stupid during a DIY project. NOTHING ELSE.”

Watch video below:

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