Suspect apprehended after foiled robbery at Centurion mall



A suspects has been apprehended after shots were fired at a Centurion mall on Thursday morning.

A security guard was grazed by a bullet after shots were fired at the Blue Valley Mall in The Reeds.

A laptop was recovered from the suspect following the incident

A call for backup was made to various security companies in the area after four suspects allegedly stormed and attempted to rob a clothing store.

Monitor Net spokesperson JP le Roux said “the security at the mall called for backup when the armed suspects tried to flee the mall with a stolen laptop.”

The suspects then fired four gunshots.

Three of the suspects fled the scene in an unknown vehicle while the fourth fled the crime scene on foot.

“One of our guards was grazed in his right forearm by a bullet,” Le Roux said.

Le Roux indicated that the guards could not shoot back because of the safety of the members of the public.

Monitor Net tried to track down the getaway vehicle and called Scorpion Security, Axon Security, Clock Watch to watch out for the suspects.

Scorpion Security caught the suspect on foot in a property close by the mall.

The security organisation handed the suspect over to the Wierdaburg police on the scene.

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