Why you should never exercise with your make-up on



Workout leaves you messy and sweaty! But many put on make up while working out to look good and click worthy (yes, workout selfie is a thing).

Ever thought if it’s a good move or not? Well, working out with your make-up on can be an open invitation to skin-related issues. It is important to clean your face nicely before breaking a sweat.

If you too are guilty of working out with your make-up on then it’s time to break this bad habit.

Why you should remove your make-up

When we exercise, our body temperature rises, so to keep us cool, our body releases sweat. The rise in the internal temperature leads to the opening of small pores on the skin. The tiny pores are responsible for releasing sweat and oil. The make-up you apply on your skin also covers the pores and when you perform extreme workout the sweat and oil further congest it, leading to bacterial overgrowth. The clogged pores can lead to skin irritation and acne outbreak.

Besides, exercising with your make-up on can also cause eye irritation. That’s because our eyelids are the most sensitive area of your face. Like other parts of the face, even the eye-lids can get irritated by sweat and make-up. The area will come dry, red and make your skin dull. There are also high chances that the make-up might run down your cheek at the end of the session due to excessive sweating.

How to clean your face before a workout

Wiping your face merely with wet wipes won’t help. You have to clean your face nicely so that no dust and dirt are trapped inside it. Use mild face-wash to clean your face. Avoid gel-based and exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid to clean your face before the workout session. A creamy solution won’t strip away oil and moisture from your skin.

Post-workout skincare routine

Cleaning your face after the workout session is as important as before it. Our face and body all get covered with sweat while exercising. Washing your face post-workout session helps to get rid of sweat and oil. Secondly, in the gym, equipment and washrooms are all covered with different types of bacteria. There are high chances that you might come in contact with some while lifting weight or running on a treadmill. To avoid falling sick, wash your face or it is best to take a bath after your workout session.

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