5 flirting mistakes you are making to drive the one away



Some people flirt naturally while others get shy and as a result, this leads to an awkward situation for you both.

If you find yourself in these kinds of situations more often, you need to stop making these mistakes while trying to get someone to like you.

Flirting can be fun and exciting if done in the right away of course and not making someone feel awkward or bad about themselves. It is often the base of a relationship when everything is new and exciting.

It also helps in boosting your partner’s ego in hopes of them reciprocating the same level of energy.

However, flirting can go wrong in a million ways and it can get frustrating if you are being too clingy. To avoid getting into these awkward situations, these are the flirting mistakes you need to stay away from:

1. Getting too cocky

Confidence is attractive, but over-confidence is not. It is good to add some humour to the conversation to make it seem casual but to brag about yourself and be self-centred is a major turn off. Sometimes, all you need is someone to vibe along with and carry a good conversation where energy flows naturally.

2. Oversharing is always a bad idea

Sharing about your personal problems is fine as long as you’re genuinely seeking out for help and that information doesn’t harm anyone’s privacy. However, the comfort to share your personal lives with someone else only comes after you have spent a significant amount of time with them. It is best to keep it casual and only focus on things that are important to keep the conversation flowing while not coming out too strongly by oversharing.

3. Pretending to be someone you are not

This goes a long way as you don’t want to chase them away after 3 months of knowing you and eventually them realising that this is not the person they met. When you’re flirting with someone, it is natural to impress them and put your best foot forward to win them over, but it is okay to reveal your flaws as you want them to like you for who you are.

4. Being mean

Being mean is not the answer to flirting. Having to roast someone just out of fun and taking it too far is always a bad idea. Flirting does not equal to roasting or judging that person’s flaws.

5. Talking about your ex

Talking about your ex is the thumb rule you need to cross out for flirting. It is always a bad idea to bring up your ex and to even talk about them on your first date or your first meet. Your past does not matter and it stays irrelevant to the future.

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