“This body has been through a lot,” Sive Mabuya says as she finally embrace her body



Sive Mabuya has decided to embrace her body as she made this known in her recent post on Instagram.

The star who is always known to cover up her body everytime has finally showed off her beautiful skin as she rocks a bikini.

Sive said her body has gone through a lot cause there might be some imperfections in it.

Sive captioned: “This body has been through a lot! Some imperfections you see, some you don’t but trust me… they’re there. However, they’re not there for you to laugh at or have an opinion about; they’re there to reveal my identity and uniqueness.”

She also stated that sometimes she is always happy with it while other times she is not.

“Sometimes I’m happy with it, sometimes I’m not. Even so, this is it. In all it’s glory! And the older I get, the more I realize how OKAY it is that I’m not perfect. So let’s rather marvel over/at it😉”

Seeing a public figure like Sive fully embracing who she is and not hiding anything will hopefully encourage more and more people to love themselves more.

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