Boity Thulo slams trolls who are being ignorant about her new name



Boity Thulo has taken to her social media to reveal her new name to her people.

According to her, she must be referred to with her new sangoma name called Gogo Nomakhwezi.

Boity also described the new name as “though my soul just burst open in the most incredible way”.

The rapper was over the moon after she shared her new name to the world but a troll decide to drag her for having an isiXhosa sangoma name even though she was a Tswana woman.

She tweeted: “You can officially refer to me as Gogo Nomakhwezi. Thokozani.”

Boity also said: “It’s as though my soul just burst open in the most incredible way!”

Boity did not let this slide away as she slammed the troll stating he had no idea about what he is talking as she revealed that both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were Xhosa.

She also went on to tell trolls to stop assuming what they are not really sure of.

The star said she only had Batswana ancestors while she actually had a “wild lineage”.

“One name is not a representative of all my dlozis.”


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