#ArrestSiphoPhillipNgobese: Makgotso wants alleged sexual offender arrested



Makgotso M has joined the group of those who are ready to expose anyone engaging or who might have engaged in sexual assault.

Rape is one of the highest issues been faced all over the world and many have come around to join forces to find solution to it but all their efforts are in vain.

However, Makgotso decide to expose her friend’s father who has been sexually abusing his 5-year-old grandkids for years.

The actress took to her Twitter to share to her people how disappointing it is to see that kind of man still walking around the street freely without justice.

Makgotso is tired of women scared of walking around freely just not to be a victim of rape as she made sure that #ArrestSiphoPhillipNgobese trends until justice is served.

Many of her fans have also taken to their TL to share their views on the issue.


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