Zodwa Wabantu replies to critics over kissing of fans during performance amid lockdown



Zodwa Wabantu has made up her mind to make adjustments about having too much physical contacts with fans during performances.

This is coming after the star was dragged for letting her fans touch her and kiss her amid the Covid-19 lockdown.

Recall, the world was on total lockdown for about 4 months and many people were stucked inside their houses due to the deadly coronavirus that hit everywhere hard.

However, it got to a point the lockdown was relaxed and people started going back to their normal life,

In Zodwa’s case, it was something different as the star neglected all the regulations as Zodwa Wabantu won’t stop physically interacting with fans during performances.

Zodwa uploaded a clip and she was seen kissing members in the audience at one of her shows went viral.
The video caught the attention of many as they felt there was no social distancing or wearing of mask at the show.

The star took to Instagram to address the questions and accusations floating about the internet.

Zodwa said that she was comfortable kissing fans and being touched while performing. However, she clarified that if she ever feels uncomfortable she will remove herself from the situation.

“Guys, whether you touch me or whether you do whatever to me when I am on stage, I don’t have a problem with that. But, how it looks to the public and to the people who are not there … they just see the videos,” Zodwa said.

She later admitted she might have gone too far in one incident and temporarily “forgot about Covid”.

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