Boity Thulo hints on starting a snuff business



Boity Thulo has been getting bags this 2020 and her fans are really proud of her.

The star recently stated she must be referred to with her new sangoma name called Gogo Nomakhwezi.

Since she is now a full fledged sangoma, she is looking to monetize something that she has been having difficulty with.

One thing about Boity is that she did not let the lockdown affect her in any way as she makes sure she keeps investing in new businesses.

Now, Boity seems to be planning on venturing into snuff, which is a tobacco based product is popular amongst traditional healers as they use the product in their spiritual practice.

According to her, she has done her research and she found out that there is no snuff making companies at black owned so she wanted to change that.

See tweet below:

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