5 essential things you should always have while travelling



Traveling is enjoyable when properly planned for. Trips could take as short as 45 minutes or as long as days or weeks depending on your means of transport.

A lot of beautiful memories are made on trips. Monumental sites, structures and natural landmarks could be recorded as you go on your voyage.

However these are a few things that should never leave your handbag while going on trips to ensure an easy travel experience.

1. Camera

Of course everyone becomes a professional photographer when traveling because of the tourist sites, the people’s culture, and most important the food! You could be traveling with family or friends who could also help you take a picture of yourself or maybe just ask someone to do the honors.

2. Jotter and pen

For fantasy writers, carry along a small jotter and a pen to write down expectations before traveling and then your experiences while at the location. This sharpens your vocab as you scrape through all the untapped grammars that you could think of to create your best-selling non-fiction novel. You could use your phone or tab to keep notes if you’d rather travel lighter.

3. Music player

We’re sure you’ve acted out your own video version of a song once before? listening to songs could help you sleep, plan or meditate.

4. Bottle Water

You don’t want to be dehydrated on a fast moving vehicle with no one to help you out.

5. Toilet paper

On many occasions, road trips can get a little messy and you might need to take a leak or a dump in a toilet if you find one at a random gas station, or in a remote town with indigens gawking. So always have a tissue to wipe or dab or else, you know what happens after that?