5 budgeting tips to help you afford World travel in your 20s



Traveling is one thing that should be experienced by everyone.

However, when people hear about traveling the world, especially at a young age, the very first thought that comes to mind is…’awwn rich kids’.

Traveling the world however isn’t only meant for ‘rich kids’ as everyone can do so with the right budgeting tips.

If you are looking to travel the world in your 20s, here are five budgeting tips that can help you achieve this.

1. Work hard and save money before a trip

If you have decided to travel and visit many countries, the very first step is saving up for it. You could dedicate a year and devote yourself to every kind of job that can get you money legally.

During this period, your saving culture should be top-notch. Only spend on things that are absolutely necessary. Take up extra shifts if you can and remind yourself all this hard work will pay off when you eventually save enough to travel.

If you are going to afford world travel on a budget, you need to put in the work to research for everything cheap. Take time to search for the cheapest flights. In the city, you want to visit, look out for the cheapest accommodation you can find.

Staying in hostels works so well in some countries and this is indeed a cheap form of accommodation. For feeding, it is better to avoid restaurants made for tourists, instead, find out what the locals are eating.

You can also try street foods in whatever city you are visiting.

This is definitely a no-brainer. The best time to travel on a budget is to go during the off-season. If you are thinking of traveling the world in your 20s, especially to popular cities, then you should think of doing so outside valentine’s, Christmas, and every other season people love to travel.

This comes with multiple benefits such as cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation and you even get to experience the city in its natural state. Another tip is to schedule your flights on weekdays rather than weekends.

You can also make traveling the world in your 20s work if you apply for jobs in the countries you want to visit.

Do a search for companies recruiting in your career area, especially the ones willing to give you a work visa. You end up making money and visiting the country or city you want to visit.

Remote jobs can also help you afford world travel in your 20s. At least, this takes away the need to report to the office physically and gives you time to travel without having to use your annual leave.

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