Watch: Zozibini Tunzi throws it back to when she was crowned Miss South Africa 2019



Zozibini Tunzi throws it back to 2019 when she was crowned Miss South Africa.

Zozi stated that when she saw the video, she laughed hard as she realized she took after her parents.

According to her, she has been attending school of feeling herself since 1993 and she is proud to say her parents are the founders of “feeling myself”.

Zozi also went on to thank them for teaching her the importance of appreciating herself and teach others how to love her the way she loves herself.

The ex-Miss South Africa captioned: “I saw this video and laughed so hard at how I take after my parents! You guys, I’ve been attending school of feeling myself since 1993🤣🤣
If you’ve met both my parents you will know that they are the founders “feeling myself”🤣
I’ve never met a pair who love themselves and are confident like those 2. I appreciate it so much though because they have taught me the importance of appreciating myself and teaching others how to love me the way I love me. Here’s to self love”

Watch video below:

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