2Lee Stark voice out his feelings after losing his bestfriend to an untimely death




2Lee Stark expressed how he feels after losing his best friend to an untimely death.

He made this known on his social media as he is still in shock.

However, 2020 has been a rough year as many has lost their loved ones due to different reasons.

Well, 2Lee is unfortunate enough to have also joined the group of people who lost their loved ones one way or the other.

The rapper expressed his feelings in a lengthy statement

2Lee said: “I have lost a friend, I have lost one of the people that believed in me and my music so much that they put their work into me so I could get a chance when I was starting out. I have no words, I am so gutted. I am also sorry I didn’t tell you enough how much you truly meant to me.”

He went on: “You gave me my shot, you gave me my first blog review when we still had Streetwordiz. You gave me my first mixtape feature with Play It Out Loud. You gave me my first chance at believing that i am real and i can actually do this music thing.

“I love you, go to a better place now where angels where angels like you deserve to be eternally happy. Till we meet again,” he concluded.

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