7 reasons why you should give your relationship a second chance



Relationships these days are hard because people are less likely to commit, even when they do, it usually does not last long.

When we’re going through a rough time in our relationship it is easy to find people who will encourage us to break things off, after all, relationships are supposed to make us happy.

Relationships take time and happy couples do fight. Anyone who says their relationship is easy and perfect lies. And many times, the same issues you are having in your relationship will come up again in the next one.

Everyone deserves a second chance. But here am not talking about really bad relationships I am talking about the ones that ended up because of difference in opinion. Those relations where the timing was off.

Here are 7 reasons why you should give it a second chance:

1. Because people do change

We are often told that people will never change. But people do change, they could be really sorry, they could have learned their lesson.

Changing form your mistake is vital, it means you have worked to think, feel and conduct yourself differently. Learning from your mistakes means that you have acknowledged it and are willing to take responsibility for yourself.

2. Because both of you really want it

For longevity mutual desire for a relationship is essential. People break up because they do not feel appreciated, valued or they don’t feel acknowledged.

Communication is remedy, make sure both have spent time reflecting and communicating to each other before making any commitment. Sometimes it is really hard to confess the deepest parts of your heart, but giving your relationship a second chance can make it work.

3. Because your partner is honest

Honesty is a must, if your partner has this, they are a keeper. Everything else in a relationship is negotiated and will take time and compromise. Honesty can take a lifetime to cultivate so give it respect it deserves and reconsider your love.

4. Because they cannot live without you

Relationships end because a partner does not feel like they are loved and needed, even when the other person says over and over that it is true.

People express their most heartfelt emotions whenever they feel safe. No matter what circumstances are your partner will love you, will be kind towards you and that’s the ultimate goal.

Loving and treating everyone kindly is a kind of relationship that everyone needs and makes life easy for you.

5. Because it is more more just just love

It should not be enough to stay with someone just because you love each other.  There has to be more than love. Love is one of the most important factor in any relationship but trust, loyalty, care and respect are the ones that are equally important.

If love is all that is keeping two people together, but one do not have those other aspects it is not worth giving your partner another shot.

If you two have a strong foundation that makes for a happy and healthy relationship then a second chance maybe something one can consider.

6. Because both are committed to make it work

Giving a second chance to your partner means hoping that whatever happened in the first place will not happen again. Both partners have to put some efforts to change whatever happened in the past. Both have to be committed to make things work.

7. Because actions speaks louder than words

In order to know whether or not one should get another chance, just notice their actions. Words are nice but honestly sometimes they are meaningless.

If someone is saying they will change but their action is not showing any proof then you should not trust that person. But it is okay to give your partner a second chance if you feel that they will put efforts to gain your love back.

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