7 amazing benefits of Swimming you never knew



Who doesn’t like a good swim on a hot summer day?

It’ s extremely relaxing and fun but hey, swimming has a lot more benefits for you than you can imagine.

Here are a few reasons why swimming should definitely be on your to-do list from now on!

1. It is an overall body workout

Swimming is an amazing and almost effortless workout for your entire body. While regular workouts help you work out a limited number of muscles only, swimming involves use of all your body muscles, even those that are most under-worked. Compared to other methods of working out, swimming is fun, produces no sweat and is more efficient than any other exercise you can think of.

2. It keeps your heart rate up

Swimming pumps your heart up like never before. It exercises your heart muscles and makes them stronger than ever. It keeps your heart rate up because of intense use of all your muscles. This is way more efficient than any of your cardio exercises that you do at your gym.

3. It relaxes you

Unlike other exercises, swimming relaxes you and loosens all your muscles. Once you have a good swim, all your muscle knots and cramps are gone and it’ll make you feel as light as ever. Rather than leaving you exhausted, it really builds up your energy and leaves you feeling refreshed.

4. Tones and strengthens your muscles

Looking for the perfect summer body? This is the best exercise which is not only a summer speciality but will also help tone down your body and strengthen your muscles for that perfect body.

5. It works not only on the outside but on your insides too!

It works out your heart and lungs too by vigorous breathing exercises. Breathing well is very important for our health and amidst the chaos of everyday, we do not find much time to relax and take deep breaths which not only relaxes our muscles but is also beneficial for our heart and lungs. It builds up your stamina and allows you to carry out more vigorous tasks instead of losing your breath at simple routines.

6. Improves coordination, balance and posture

Swimming improves flexibility, range of motion and functional strength in the water. This leads to improves core strength and stability in your movement as well as enhanced motor skills.

7. It’s a pleasant way to cool down

There is no better activity to cool down on a hot summer day instead of swimming. Not only will you get those muscles pumped up but it will also relax your body and freshen up your mind. Most of all, it will help you cool down and save you from the wave of heat running around town.

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