9 ‘bad girl’ traits every guy secretly wants in his girl!



Bad girls are superbly irresistible to guys when it comes to being sexy and seductive.

But then, they are not the one for a long term relationship as they are fickle minded and frustrating. However, there are bad girl traits which a good girl can possess to make her guy want more and more.

Everything has their own positives and negatives. A good girl can make your life a smooth one and without any worries. Life with them is full of comfort, cuteness and smooth.

But then again, bad girls are like thrilling roller coaster, you can’t live in them, but you wish to take a ride every now and then.

Generally, every girl is a mix of good girl and a bad one. What stands out may turn her into a cute good girl or a bitchy chick.

Here are the ‘bad girl’ traits every guy secretly wants in his girl:

1. The naughty one!

Bad girls are not prudish. They don’t hide away from the idea of mingling up with a guy. They are mature enough to talk about it openly. A guy’s private life is never boring with a bad girl as she would never hesitate in trying a new activity. She will love to try new things all the time.

2. Always up for adventure!

A bad girl won’t be hindering your plans from not going to adventurous trips. She will love to try new adventure every time. She is a good company to go with and experience new things. So, go out and let your man know what he has in store for himself. She can light up your life with her spark!

3. She’s appealing!

Appearances do matter at times, even if you’ve been in love for ages. Dressing up and looking good never goes waste. You feel good when he compliments you. Don’t you? Loose pajamas make you feel comfortable but there are sexy looking outfits too which are comfortable in their own way. Don’t you think? Enjoy the feel of looking good all the time. A bit tough, but worth the toughness.

4. She’s flirty

Bad chicks can make a guy drool over them without making their intentions obvious. They know how to flirt and seduce a guy. They are sexy talkers which can make a guy go gaga over them.

5. She’s no fake!

She likes to be the misfit of the good kind. She doesn’t just confine to the norms of the society. She does what she feels like. Other people in her circle may pretend not to like her, but deep down, they wish to be like her.

6. She’s independent!

She’s an independent woman which makes her sexier than anybody else. She has the ability to stand up for herself. She’s determined to grab her dream by the hard work she puts in to achieve it. She doesn’t let anybody come between her dreams and her.

7. She’s blunt!

She speaks what’s on her mind. She won’t mould the conversation and sugarcoat the conversation. If something wrong has gone with her guy, then she will present him with the facts rather than giving him ”everything will be okay soon” thing. She’s straightforward in conversations and in her thinking. A guy will definitely appreciate this trait in his girl for a longer tenure.

8. They can easily say NO!

A guy may feel opposed with this behavior of hers when she takes a stand and say ”No” to a thing. This trait of hers will make her man realize to take her more seriously. On the other hand, a nice and a warm girl will always put up her man before her and won’t hold strong opinions. She will be most of the time taken for granted. One should be a mix of both.

9. She’s confident in whatever she does!

She’s not one of those cocky ones, or rather the insecure one. She’s the kind of girl who will make her guy impress her all the time. Whatever she does, she’s always extremely confident. Everybody respects her for that.