Weza Solange publicly apologises to a man who shoot his shot at her in 2014



Weza Solange has decided to bring back the past after a man slide into her DM in 2014.

According to her, an unknown man who was a Nigerian, sent her a message and decided to shoot his shot at her and she felt she was too rude to the man.

Well, it seems Weza has realized her mistake as she sent a public apology to the man even though she said she doesn’t remember his name.

Taking to her Twitter, she shared a screen shot of their conversation and expressed how sorry how sorry she was for posting the convo on her timeline.

Weza said in her tweet: “FB won’t let me forget some of the childish things I used to do. I don’t even remember this convo but I know it was someone trying to slide out of the friendzone. Even though I covered the name, it was so unnecessary to post this. I’m so sorry whoever you are. I know better now.

Many slammed the star for still sharing the screen shot of their conversation to the world while other praised her for being brave to have publicly apologized to him.

The stunner’s fans took to her comment section to share their two cents on her post. They were not impressed that she’s still sharing the screenshot of the DMs until this day.

See tweet below: