7 reasons married women cut off their single friends



It seems the minute some ladies slip on the wedding band, they instantly cut off their single friends. They start acting like some superior being, as if they just attained a level attained above them.

Some will throw away years of friendship because of their new status, forgetting that they might need you one day. You may have seen many married women begin to cut ties with their single friends.

You may have even experienced it, leaving you to wonder why the sudden change.

It’s just strange how some women don’t want to have anything to do with their single friends who supported them all the while just because they got married. Is it that marriage changes people or it’s just what society expects.

Below are reasons why some married women avoid their single friends once they say ‘I do’:

1. Different priorities

Some ladies feel you stop having same priorities once you’re married. For example, a married knows that she has new responsibilities such as tending to her husband. A single lady on the other hand can do whatever she wants. She doesn’t have to rush home to anybody. For this reason, a married woman might decide to make friends with married people who have same priorities.

2. Few things in common

Some prefer to mingle with other married women with whom they can hold same conversations. For example, they could talk about their husbands, children and other things that have to do with family. They feel they no longer share same interest with their single friends so it’s time to do away with them.

3. Husbands

Some husbands begin to choose friends for their wives once they are married. They don’t approve of certain friends and start telling you who to associate with or not. They feel your single friends will be a bad influence and advise you to keep married friends only.

4. Jealousy

Some married women believe their single friends are jealous of them. Just because you got married before your friends doesn’t mean they will begin to envy you. Some might be jealous of you at a point but not all your friends are like that and you should know that.

5. Threat to their marriage

Some women do not want to hear stories that touch. They don’t want a situation where their friends ‘snatch’ their husbands from them. Some friends cannot be trusted you know and you can’t allow them close to your house else…

6. They don’t want to get tempted back into single ladies lifestyle

Some are afraid of being dragged back into the single ladies lifestyle. Single ladies are free to go and come as they like but a married woman can’t just act that way. If she has single friends that always party, hang out late, she may want to stay away from them to avoid being lured back into that lifestyle.

7. They won’t be needing them.

Some are under the illusion that once they get married, they have moved on to new level and won’t be needing their single friends again. Sometimes, they end up coming back later when something happens and they a need a friend.

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