“A rumor is a social cancer,” Shona Fergusons says as she replies haters



Shona Fergusons has decided to clear allegation that of exploiting actors from their shows, more especially The Queen.

Reacting to this, Shona revealed that a rumor is a social cancer and it is difficult to contain.

She also stated that it is difficult to get what the right information is when rumors are partially made of truth.

In a long caption, Shona said: A rumor is a social cancer: it is difficult to contain and it rots the brains of the masses. However, the real danger is that so many people find rumors enjoyable. That part causes the infection. And in such cases when a rumor is only partially made of truth, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the information may have gone wrong.”

“It is passed on and on until some brave soul questions its validity; that brave soul refuses to bite the apple and let the apple eat him. Forced to start from scratch for the sake of purity and truth, that brave soul, figuratively speaking, fully amputates the information in order to protect his personal judgment. In other words, his ignorance is to be valued more than the lie believed to be true.”

With all she said, she is indirectly stating all they said is a rumor.

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