Mshoza’s manager, Thanduxolo Jindela pays tribute to her at memorial service




Mshoza’s long time manager and close friend, Thanduxolo Jindela graced his appearance at her memorial service.

Thanduxolo could not hold back his tears as he took to the podium to honour the star.

According to him, he met Mshoza 11years ago and they started working together as a team 9years ago.

He said the friendship started on a high note and she helped him at that particular time because he was going through a lot.

Thanduxolo said: “We started our friendship on a high note and she was what I needed because I was going through a lot. I fell in love with Nomasonto Maswangayi and I was working with Mshoza.”

He went on to talk about the kind of person Mshoza was when she was alive.

“We used to fight a lot.”

Even if they fight, she always find a way to apologize to him after the heated argument.

“I salute you, township queen of kwaito, for your bravery and for being fearless. I’m sure your addition to the the heavenly headlines is gonna be huge.”

Thanduxolo concluded by saying her death was not what they planned but he wish her good wherever she is now.

Watch full video below:

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