Vuyo Ngcukana and Kuli Roberts share opinion on the newly crowned Mr SA



Vuyo Ngcukana and Kuli Roberts have shared their opinion on the newly crowned Mr SA.

Hannes Van Der Walt was crowned Mr South Africa 2020 over the weekend and many of his fans had taken to their social media to congratulate him.

However, some had a mixed reaction towards his win as they felt he doesn’t deserve it while others are happy to have him as their king.

Vugo and Kuli on the other hand decided to weigh-in on the result.

Kuli said that those spouting negativity seemed envious of the winner and Vuyo did not seem too thrilled with the result.

Kuli tweeted that she thought those being negative were simply envious of the new Mr SA and hating for that reason.

Vuyo took a different approach and posted a meme that implied he thought someone else should have won the crown.

Kuli tweeted: “I feel as if you lot are jealous of Mr SA”

Vuyo posted his caption over a meme of Nicki Minaj looking sceptical: “That’s our Mr. SA, for like the whole country?”




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