Renate and Vuyo end relationship after 5 years


Renate and Vuyo

Actress Renate Stuurman and her actor boyfriend Vuyo Ngcukana have reportedly ended their romantic relationship after 5 years.

It was deepthroated that the relationship ended after the actor cheated on her.

“He denied cheating on her with a woman who is said to be much older than her,” revealed the insider.

Another close friend of Vuyo says the two broke up about a month ago. “He cheated. One of the friends told me that, but I don’t believe it, he was too in love,” the friend says.

Friends of Vuyo reported that the cancellation of The Queen affected Vuyo which led to the split.

“When the show came to an end, he was miserable,” a close friend. He has been struggling to find another steady job. He is a good-looking oke, but looks don’t always count.”

The friend added: “Once you’re on a big show like The Queen, it’s difficult to go and sit outside a casting room again and be called with the other 100 wannabes like you did when starting out.”

Renate and Vuyo confirmed their split by deleting all their loved-up snaps on their Instagram accounts.

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