Prince Kaybee apologizes after Themba’s abusee called him out



Prince Kaybee was called out in a video by a woman to mind his business.

The woman trended on Twitter after a man named Themba slapped her. The man is said to be her lover and she recorded the video.

The DJ saw the video and condemned the man’s abusive act.

“My other concern is that there’s other Themba’s out there who never make it to social media, that do this on a regular, I think about that alot.”

After lots of people expressed their concern for the woman, she later did another video and urge people to stay off her relationship.

The woman specifically mentioned Kaybee, which got him apologizing on Twitter.

“I would like to apologise for my opinion about the ladies abusive r/ship, it might have made her situation worse but I hope and pray she finds the strength to help herself leave. I’m aware the abuser is using the abused to scare help away, MEN WE DONT BEHAVE LIKE THIS,” he said

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