Sjava shares new development in his upcoming music videos



Sjava took to his social media few minutes ago to share the new development as he shoots music videos henceforth.

The star revealed that he will be including sign language in his videos for the deaf to understand what he is saying in his music.

Sjava has been off music for about two years following the rape allegation laid against him by his ex, Lady Zamar which just got recently resolved.

However, he is finally back on his feet as he dropped his EP few days ago.

Well, it seems the musician had a lot of vision in him before all that happened started.

Sjava mentioned he has always wanted to do this and he is happy it is finally happening.

He said the aim is for people who are deaf can get to understand all he is saying in his music and many of his fans are really proud of his new move.

Sjava said: “Good morning I have always wanted to do this it’s finally happening going forward all my music videos will include sign language for deaf people to understand aswell what I am saying in my music.”

See tweet below:

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